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The Rocking group of VCMCS

Learning is a never-ending process. It continues and even after we end our school life or our college life we still learn and keep learning. But then learning within the four walls of a school or university is surely different fun. School is an entirely different arena and after that comes college. After completing our Undergrad, we are now doing our MBA (Post graduation) which is surely different.

Friends are the only relation that God has given us the liberty to choose on our own. And, growing up we get to go to school for  14 long years. This surely is the best period in lives despite the rules and regulations and all board exams. Then comes the college where again we are free enough to do most things and then we also find the best of friends. Even if the program didn't turn out to be much of fun, we as a group/gang just rocked the college. The class was the only reason for our bonding! Fortunately, we had got a set of professors who were pretty good and even after all the rules and differences,  the class was a fun set.

We are the 11th batch of VCMCS. We are really proud to present here the  "History of the 11th batch." Wow 11! That is a wonderful number that really gels in with the class of ours. Yes by the way,  who are we? We are the great (We can see many nodding ) :D Meenu and Ishu! The best among the VCMCS 11 devils set! Any one denying. !!! he he .. Even If u do we can't  help it because that’s the fact :);)

The Rocking group of VCMCS!!! yes, we are sure we did make the profs feel that they were back to some school as a teacher. Haha ! So here we go .We are a batch of 60 students and since the day 1(August 17, 2005), we are together. A lovely class and had enough fun. We are sure that each one of you would agree that as, even after many rules and regulations, we have had our share of fun.

We are going to now share our views about each student; who is a gem in their own terms and this is the way we think we can really gift the whole class and yes, of course, we can't forget the “Pied pipers" who are the ones who have helped us to reach this far.

So, let's start with the ladies first. We have had a wonderful number of 23 girls (including us).

Starting with: GAYATHRI: Gaayu as she is called is the coolest and bindaas girl whom we have ever met. She works her way and style. Her policy is  "C’mon yaar.! It's my life. Live it King.. Oops! Queen size!” She is the loveliest and most enjoyable company one could be with. Secret keeper for many. She is a beautiful and talented danseuse. Well, well madam is in love! Paavam Paiyan :P. Btw,  she is helpful too. Policy followed is“Mathavanga Kaadhala ooti valathaa namma kaadhal thane valarum"Waah ! What a policy ma!
PRIYA : Every one would love to be her friend because she is the sweetest and caring friend one can have.  Cute!!! Many will agree. Ever smiling and known for her walking style! Hehe.She is an innocent girl upon whom shines the Goddess of Arts! Yes, she is a beautiful singer (my guru!) and crazy dancer (that’s the secret of her beauty!) Perfect bahu material. Anyone listening???(Hahaha)
ROSE: Would prefer to be called as Anita but due to some “double dhamaka” she is known as Rose. She is Priya's best friend. But yes, she does try remembering others at times (Don’t mind dear !no offense intended) Very good at making and holding presentations and a good friend.
G.ANITHA:Tallest girl in our class and has the longest tresses (Hair). Well, we can see her smirking now! As graceful as her name goes she is gracefully different;because she runs while talking and glides while walking. Superb English and yes, among the top students of the class! She is a BUJI!!
PALLAVI.. Pallu is a THIEF ! Of what?? Oh My God! Many hearts are locked and she holds the key.  Pallu give it back!!!! hehe...Beautiful inside out, Teacher’s pet,  cutest friend-for life. Most forgetful and emotional too. Note:  Only and only when she is reading some “*Romantic*” novel; Isn’t that true pallu?  Yes, we can see her smiling ! Wow that's beautiful. Btw, c m =c p!.  Hope she got that? Did you pallu?
SAVITHA: Very very very very big night mare of many. Rules the talk. Yes, she has won many accolades for block and tackle. Tall, slim and popularly known as HOD’s daughter! Paavam HOD. A very communicative, confident, talented girl. But equally short tempered. “Rowdy rakkamma” Bajji beware!
BINDU: Super girl!  Why ?? Well, she was nicknamed as BBC by the class.  haha.  So, famous dhaane. Studious, Padakoo, Topper’s topper(if there is such a term), Teacher's pet. Nice friend. Looks cute in a sari and even in jeans! Nice hair, beauty conscious, and so in studies.
SANGEE :Lovely girl, childlike face, cute and cuddly, moody, padippali. Loves being on the shore. C’mon dear, you are born to win! So, don’t be shy.  Singer, dancer,  a great friend one can have. Very sincere as a friend. Finance puli.  So, as mentioned in the earlier blog she can mint money soon! 
GOMATHI:Goms! OH no ! All you guys wondering as to who is she? Hey, c’mon da!  She is our very own “JO” (Jo jo .. hey jothika ….;)) Oh now we can see all of you nodding. Yes, she looks beautiful (we hear gals gossiping!). She has a bewitching smile and that's what is her secret. Modeled ”her own” ad (she got that!) And always the heroine in all the plays and PLACE :). A nice friend and sweet heart.
BHARATHI Kannammma: yeah, she has nice eyes. Was under the veil in the 1st semester. Later came to the limelight after the 1st sem and my! She proves that appearances are deceptive and that equates to Bharathi Rajan (in her case, even name!!!)Because she is NOT what she seems like. Fun? - Yes. Maturity?- Yes, yes. Now are you guys wondering eh, Oh, was that Bharathi??? Arey, don’t keep wondering start building bonds.
KRIPA: Manikripa a soft natured, friendly, very very silent girl that we don’t know much to pen about her. But yes, friends, her kheer, her food is all good ! So lunch time? Think Kripa !!!
SHYLU: Vaayadi Vanaja, Creativity Queen she is differently ambidextrous.! Her hand and mouth works so creatively that they even work the best simultaneously ;). Adzap- Shylu is the don! Boldness personified. Ramalingam’s(sir!!) pet, always on his most wanted list ! Ennave.! Oh,  she is asking that but that’s the fact mma :-D She is dangerous, boldness her strength,  but bus is her weakness!!! shhhhhh don’t let that out . Anyways nice girl to befriend forthright.
SWAYAMVAD: Vada vada, as she is known is a cute namkeen girl!  She is cuddly and she is a “choosy bookworm” and she hunts only for some “Romantic Novel .. M&B kind .. he he .. and her hunt hasn’t gone in vain and she has got her tall hero as her man ! What did he fall in for??? Her boldness!  Man, tukkara pesuvaa. Than her talk so is her voice she sings beautifully.looks great in saree and is nice friend machaan!!!
SRIDEVI.. A loyal customer of the Velammal group hehe!  Dresses beautifully waah what a matching matching man! Chappal kada vechirukkalllo??? Well, she has a beautiful handwriting, lovely cute belongings that she is too careful about! So she rules herself. Nice friend and her lunch and snacks!!yummy !!! Swayam’s best pal! 

: Rawalpindi express, Mobile oxford dictionary, Shanthi mam’s most trustworthy dictionary! So, preethu keep ya updated!!!! Wears a cute smile and equally sweet scorn!!! Well English language has a best word for her “The Unpredictable. So sometimes shock kooda adikkum so be a little careful (just kidding!) Quiet an introvert, childish to the core but man she has a big line of fans !  No idea how!!! Oh, Silent Killer eh??? Boys aren’t we right??? Has a problem yaar She really forgets “OUR” very existence in the class while on stage! She and the others have got that though. Nice friend anyway.
POORNIMA:  Poori,  poorni: that's what she is known as! she is the best person whom we can equate sense of humour. Ramalingam sir’s yet another favourite student. But then, there is one change he seems to be in her Most wanted list!  A pada pada type and know what she is IM sir’s best friend and no IM session would be complete without her being interrogated ( I guess that’s the best word ). Cute eyes! On the spot comments for any issue that’s what you want then do call her ! Btw, she is one of the author’s school friend (Ishu’s ) but poor girl . Has STML. …Short term memory loss.. Surya fan aache .. aprum eppadi :D so she still doesn’t recollect. hahah Poor Ishu !she is still trying to get her on track.
REKS: How can someone not like her ? Cute smile,eldest girl in the class but then no one can ever feel that! Cute in everything. Maths puli, guru for many, sudoko queen, punctual in her work, bold girl (Many now wondering eh, well she is not what she seems like!) Fun unlimited! Lovely friend..

One of the Poona kutti cute, topper, friendly. And gets irritated easily but still nice because we all love to irritate her. Next in line to be married. Poor Deepu is counting his days of peace.  Most mischievous of the hostilities that she had to vacate the hostel! (Decentaa solarom pa) Got lots of fans. And very neat with her stuffs. Good friend to be with.
PREENU: Kerala lendhu export, second year class rep. Sweet, cute and wow what a smile yaar. No wonder she has used this bait to get herself poplular and lucky that she has her fan club presided by the “King “ himself. kyaa bath hai (No denials na ) Sings well, sweet girl whom people love to be with. Again she is also not what she seems to be. So, can be dangerous amd of course Teacher’s pet.
GUNA: Sweet, cool headed girl, fun to be with, brave girl and she follows the principle that, take life as it comes! Overall a very good friend and nice person!
UMA: Punctuality, sincerity, patriotism all are synonymous with her .She is the question bank of the class and is brave girl. Never bothers about what others say I know and I share policy!  And I want to learn so will do that. Good friend, she is Seriously humorous!

Now that goes with the ladies of this special set of MBA final years. Now on to the guys! Well we have about 37 guys and each one unique in their own way. Lovely chaps that they are they are really good friends.

:  The 1st name in the class register and so in other activities !No one in the college wouldn’t be without knowing him. A super duper hero. Question bank, pretty much a good boy, nice friend. But then he is the night mare for the teachers and the guest faculties who come and those students who are scared of the stage do really give a second thought on stage because of him!  His aloo is delicious but then yes its his moms! (Well, he promised someone some food and doesn’t remember !:P) A real buddy. Sweet friend.
ASHOK: A nice fellow,  unique person in the class since he is the only explicit left hander. Nice smile. And good person. He is a silent person and he keeps to himself! 
ARVIND:. A very silent boy of our class. He is well known among the teachers as he is good boy. A nice person!
ANAND: He is a boy who is not what he looks like ! He is a nice person that he loves sleeping and is mostly too very quiet in the class.
BARANI: Joker of the class! Naughty boy (who often sits in the naughty chair),non- stop___ (errr.. I mean… chatterbox) witty and semma sight party. Studious too. Loves to spend for friends and always manages to be in the hot topic of the class - You know-what! Favourite in MRCB class. 

- Finance manager,  varungaala CFO, brainy and IM sir's pet student! Sleeps but yet attentive that he questions every GL session and also classes. Stocks and shares are his interest and he can play with that always. My God.. What a talent.!!a nice friend really. 
GANAPATHY.. oh, yes! The first person to get placed! Nice fellow popular as a gentle man ! hahah One of the lunch hunters. Good friend. Sleeps a lot in IM class ( hehe .maatikittiya) Good at presentations, a thala fan. 
GOPI: maintains a low profile but definitely that’s not the reality. Biscuit lover. He is a very popular for his very different adzaps that he writes up! 
ILAYA: Yet another famous personality of the class known for his  jokes. Sleeping beauty. Newspaper worm, especially during class hours. Jolly go well person.
KALATHI: A very different personality.  Even his very name is a tough thing for people to pronounce right.But then so is he. It's difficult to shepard him in the class! A nice friend, he owns the NLC!!! :D Very helpful person and  has a very big tail that is  a special feature of kalathi :D
S.KARTHIK: a quiet fellow. Never heard his voice in class, except in a few presentations. One of the rocking stars of the VCMCS. He is a very sweet person and this can be understood only when we talk with him in person and not otherwise.. He doesn’t carry any attitudes!

: A very sweet guy that he is, he is obviously popular with the whole class.  A cute and cuddly smile he shares. He is a nice person though he looks big boy. He is good friend and was the man behind the Nethrodaya volley ball tournament along with Savitha. A good friend and cute person. Always cool attitude never worry.. yaar its life! Calls himself as Kozhandhai :d haha..
LINGARAJ: He is one among the most popular personalities of our class. A know all but too very quiet. Any statistical data you ask is with him. So very sharp that he still he is the “Best sleeper “ in class. He sleeps all times whenever he gets a chance. Too brainy and good person that he is he is a nice person to befriend.
LIONELL: BIG Daddy of our class. Arey, you know why we say that -MRF! hehe. He is real hero since he never opens his mouth but then he makes his presence felt. IM sir's best friend and yes the big man behind the best ads. President of AJITH Fan club. Godfather that he is, he runs the show for ajith, dances very well but only for thalas song. Very intelligent and studious. And also among the topper .
MUTHU: Our competition coordinator.  He is a very god student. He is a jovial person but remains quiet. He is very good at paper presentations and has won many prizes. He has his own way of presenting himself on the stage that makes him look very professional.
MURALI: He is the director’s pet. Big B of the class. Class rep of the second semester and above all a good commentator of the class. He is also very studious and also loves sleeping and has very big dreams.. That will soon be realized Hey Murali, heard you are mumthaj’s fan. Is it true? :)
NANDHA: pet of most of the gals. techno man of the class. Our great placement officer II (want to know whose the first? Just keep reading)Nice friend. One of the lunch hunters. By the way his whole group is the lunch hunting group of the class. And who can forget their role-plays. he has got 5 girl friends in college! Oops! Nanda sorry we let out your secret! And hey guys, don't ask us who they are Shhh..He is a talented person and has designed our journals also. He is also the one among to be placed along with his friend Ganapathy. 
PRASHANT:A very nice friend who totally bowls you over when we get close to him. He is a real gem of a person and is a nice chap who has come all the way from the nice place Theni.  He is a nice friend and also a person whom you can trust since he doesn’t look like what he appears to be he is a soft person. A nice friend.
He is also in the same category as that of Prashant. He is also one such personality who totally bowls you over from what he appears to be. He is a nice friend and also a class topper.  And he gives best comments in the class. A straight forward person he is very clean at heart Dil ka saaf person. Good friend, Nice person to be with.
PAVAN :- A real sweet boy who has many fans not just with his looks but also his sweet way of talking. He is a great attraction for accidents too.Yes, yes, he drives in such a way that every now and then his friend anand has to drop him back home. Well, very sweet person.  He just bowls out people with his innocent smile. Last sem was trapped in something that he never came to college without a Sandal paste and kumkum on his forehead. now many know the answer. Kyun G??? hahah
PRESENT RAJA: A very nice person and is very different as his name goes. He's always present. He is nice student and quiet boy and talks only when one gets a little closer. 
RAMEL: Yet another most wanted hero of the class. I can see a smile on a few fair-faces. Hush gals! somebody will hear that! He is a good friend to the class and is a pet of the teachers. Great foodie. eats everything that comes his way, even that which comes others’ way sometimes :) maths puli, philosophy guru, disciplined person, nallavar, vallavar, azhaganavar, arivullavar (ok Ramel nee kudutha 10 ruppes ku ivalodaan pa solla mudiyum.happya) Too good that he blushes every time someone talks :d just kidding dear !
RAJITH: the first bencher in the first semester.(Don’t ask about the other sems because you should know for yourself). Smiling face. Gets annoyed when the gals talk 2 his neighbors instead of him. He is also a guy who has come from the God’s Own country and he is as sweet as he seems to be.
RAJA: This is the second king of our class. He is a very nice boy and a nice friend. He really has many fans in class. He is also a good student with many centum in UG. Thappi thavari tamil nadula porandhittan because he wishes to be from Gods own country! Because he loves kerala:Food, recipes, kathakali,  people and what not :D He is a nice friend that one can really hang on to for life. Really very helpful.
RAHUL:Rahul is the best student of the class because he is smart, intelligent and a cool friend(Hey Rahul, kaaphe haina. jooth bhole kauwa kaathe!) A foodie. He is a nice person that every teacher and student would love to talk to him. He is an “Amul “Boy.  Good manager and is very good at organizing function. Loves pulling people. Naughty yet so nice.
RAJESH: He is also called as “Black diamond. " Well, this is what info we got. A real friend, nice person, good at heart and btw, he is the 1st placement officer. He is the man behind the brochures made for our set. He is a loyal airtel customer. He is a boy who is in the good books of all.
RAJA: The cute fellow who broke many hearts by marrying early. Nice fiend. Ever smiling. He had huge fans just for his smile and shyness. (oh, yes! its true!) nice friend. He is also a rash driver. 
REJIESH: The supersports boy of our class. He is in every sporting event. A good friend and a cool headed guy. Very helpful. Naughty! But of course, doesn’t seem to be so. A lovable friend always.
SATHYA: A boy whom people will wonder, is that you ?? hmm he was so quiet in the beginning that he brought out all his talents in this semester that no one can forget him. It's like Lateaa vandhaalum latestaa varanum. He is a sweet friend and good boy, very open minded, has led this rocking set in the 3rd semester. Is responsible for all those happy memories that would not have happened without his help and brain. Really nice leader, friend.  A civil engineer from PSG ! So, you can imagine his brainpower. 
SRINIVASA RAGHAVAN: He is a quiet boy in the class was the 1st bencher in the 1st and second semester. He was really calm and composed that we really dont know what to pen about him.
SAI : The most ethical person in the class. He is a good orator and best debator and also a bit emotional. He is a goodie goodie boy and wise person. Makes good case studies and law is his forte.  A very nice friend that he is, he also sings well and is good at organizing events. Chess is his passion. 
SHINU: So, here is an epitome of silence. Who knows!  He might be a tiger hidden in the cave. waiting for the right time to attack his prey. Anyways, a nice person n yes, shares a warm smile.
TC SRINI: A silent boy of the class. He is a very talented guy.  But then he is very quiet. Loves participating in competitions and is always cool headed. Anice friend. Doesn’t look like what he appears to be.Loves chess. 
VIDHYASAGAR: a member of the silent men category.  Nice friend. His father has also spend some time for our class by sharing his personal experience He is an entrepreneur. Studious. 
VIJAYKANTHAN: Captain, otherwise known as capty: Very good at imitating others. A good company to be with. A nice friend. A very silent guy (on the shell) yet groups with the bright stars of VCMCS.Is also popular for his poems that he writes.
VELMURUGAN: He is the one whose name goes along with that of our CMD. Haha, well he has all the caliber to become one soon. A caring person, he is the king of Tuthukudi. He is a quiet boy and is always appreciated for his presentation in exam paper . Studious, seems reserved in the beginning but is a nice person when we befriend. 
VASU:-The next loyal velammalite. A cool headed person who doesn’t let anything at all to change him. He remains what he likes to be: a visiting student of the class yet, he is very popular! What a power he has!!! He hardly attends class and yet grabs the marks in the exam.

Now how could we just stop with this without giving you some idea about those beautiful minds who are behind this lovely work ! So, now the about the authors. Ishu ke baare mein meenu ki zubaani and vice versa.

ISHU is one of those innocent hearts who is the co-author of this beautiful write up. Cute, sweet and short and yet a loyal backbencher.. Well what is the connection between me and Ishu. Well, we get along together anytime we catch up. btw, she studied in “MY” college.She is a fantastic singer, reads a lot, cooks deliciously, brainy.  Has many fan following and many friends ! And, hence cute in her own way. She is so lovable that even COLD visits her very often .. hahah

Meena: the nightingale of our class. A cute gal,  a caring friend, An epitome of intelligence, and above all:  the think tank behind this operation! A creative person and also one of the padips(that’s a lie) in class. A good commentator (so you can see). Meena, we can never forget the moments spent with you. Everybody in college loves her, teachers’ pet and got many fans in class.

The story still has to continue .. since we haven’t given a intro about our pied pipers. We will do that soon. Keep watching for more fun.

Note that the above mentioned characters are NOT FICTION BUT REAL. The truths mentioned above are just the Sweet Honeyed thoughts of two innocent hearts. We wanted to give our friends a very wonderful gift and this is the best we can give. So, here it is: Writing! Our thoughts!  Please, friends don’t be offended we have tried our best to bring the best of each one of them. 

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