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The colours ........ of life!

Meeting a new person in every walk of our life; each one painting a new hue on the canvas of our life ; be it in any colour they do add on to what we are in life!But then certain colours do stand out from the rest as something really special and really real that they do not wash out from the canvas of our life .Even after long years time does seem too short to make us forget them ..... Life after all these turns have rolled by and i do still have some cherishable moments that are painted in gold ......... Oops !!! i would prefer a platinum since i love that and i prefer that for gold !!!on my canvas .So now eleven long years after i left my place i mean my school at trivandrum .. despite "zero communication or networking "but with just my own sweet memories i do still feel the freshness even today ...... After 11 long years i have been able to trace out a few old buddies of mine and also my teacher .Thanks to the virtual world and the net ! that iw as able to trace them out . But you know what people do change a lot in many years yes some for good some for worse. I have been really happy to have found a few of my good buddies and i am really surprised that a few havent even changed at all. Technology is no less a saviour to people like me since this is what bonds me stronger with my good old friends. I am really very happy having met my friends but now the question are they equally enthsiastic about that ? .Yes a nice question that even i ponder about and at times still do .. but then one of them has proved me really wrong . He is still the same kind of person as he used to be some decade ago.A very Voluble guy he is a waggish kind of guy who can easily please people's heart. I rememeber him still as my 5th/6th std calssmate ...
A passionate creative person he is/(was) cute and good and really takes people to task . Now with the years passed by i still see the very same person in him .

Then is my teacher whom i dont even know as in person like how a student will know their own teachers. She was one of my most favourite mam .I also happened to meet her online and i am very happy to have seen her online .She is one of those very few teachers whom students would love to be in touch with . Surprisnigly though she has never handled any class for me she still is one among my unforgetable teachers.
Life teaches that we always change since "nothing is permamnent in life except change "...... but then this change is healthy when it is without forgetting the values .. I am really thankful to this virtual world which has helped me find my good old buddies and a nice teacher ...
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