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Sangeeth....aaaaah !

I was just wondering as to write what in my blog .. and my friend came up with a topic .." Sangeetha " .. well dont be confused .. thats her name !!!
Anyways how do i deny her , that honour of ,her name featuring in my blog:D So i decided to go ahead writing about this name !
What is in a name ! is that what we say??? We all have very beautiful names and sometimes surprisingly that name gels in with the character of the bearer. Am going to share here about my very sweet friend S~a~N~g~E~e~T~h~A... Well There is more to talk about this and i wil try to do justice to her and her name :)
Sangeetha .. a name that rings in with music. What does this name signify ??It is derived from the term "Sangeeth"which means music and is usually used with respect to the male gender.For a female or a girl the name is given as Sangetha with an "Akshar" "A" in it (pronunced as ~ aah).Though this is a common name it does sound very sweet an…
Friendship - Memories of my heart !

Lost , all what i had in me ,
To someone unknown ,at the first sight.
knowingly or unknowingly that was
the state of my heart .
Reality bites , so does my love though its sweet ;
She was the damsel of my eyes .
I did not know how to express my thoughts
that gushed seamless through my heart
but for a moment i realised ;
she was the sweetheart of my heart
Life looked wonderful with her around
Those days are still etched out in my heart
as sweet as a cherry to relish in life
Friendship is sweetest when we live apart
Parting ways for good or bad ;
Now just a tho…
Reservations - The dark clouds that cover our future!!!

MBA - Masters Of Business administration , a very coveted degree , by many- be it from the IIMs or from the private colleges.
Now when we are in the final and sometimes even in the Pre final year, placements start knocking the doors of the students. Then the college also sees to it that the students of their college are trained prior to these campus placemnts .GD these days have become a great tool for the companies to tap out the right kind of people for their job. Talking about the GD i remeber a discussion that went on in one of our training session where in we had an idea of discussing about the reservation system that the government is planning for ...
What is this that's happening in our country ???? Where are we heading for ????The world trying to move at the speed of light! and we are talking about the reservation s…