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Making world a better place - just do it with a smile :)

Smile is a curve that sets things right!It is a universal language.It is the same for every nation, creed , language , religion whatever be it . A day which i start with a smile ( i can call as a million dollar smile) really reaps in lot more than those dollars for me ! I should say it will be the same for each one of us . This smile a small curve just takes 14 muscles whereas if we wear a frown it will use about 72 muscles ..... So it is scientifically proved that if we frown we grow old very soon.It is said Smile confuses an approaching frown! Smile does bring back all that is sweet cherishable memories within us. It is that emotion that is really contagious .. So pls keep smiling ! :) Life takes us through many roads where we get to meet many people in short period of time but we remember only a few people and if we just think about them we can see all of them carry a trade mark smile on their face!Smile makes us forget enimity , It makes us melt... no ego can raise and survive in front of a smile .. now mind you , this smile will have to be the Genuine smile .. that which comes from heart (In my terms "Just Direct Dil se") .When a perosn smiles genuinely he or she will be able to show that in their eyes.It will be soft and very welcoming warm and that is the smile that will remain engraved in the hearts of all who see. Many people call this smile as a bewitching smile .. because it makes people forget what they really are. Wherever we go , however well dressed we are .. we just wont look good and presentable if we dont wear a Big Genuine Smile :).Smile gives us that kind of power and energy that makes us look at things in a brighter way. Smile helps oone to be and grow more positive.Babies smile and when we get a chance to watch them smile so selflessly and so genuinely we can feel ourselves in the seventh heavean !They teach us that whatever we face just do it with a smile.

The higher degree of a a smile is laughter ...It is said that laugh is a smile that burst! . Laughter can save lives (Arogya paal ad is one example;)) Now on a serious note it is rightly said Laughter is a best medicine . It cures all diseases. Now people realising the importance of laughter in this fast paced world have started laughter clubs and guess they just practice laughing with nothing ! hahaha ... I laugh many a number of times a day .. i laugh at my own mistakes ... I have one of my friend and when i start to talk with him i ll start laughing ( rather he starts it ) .. now that will continue till i end the conversation. Now like him when i just think about my family , my very dear friends .. and yes of course my very own self ( My blunders!) i wear a smile even without my knowledge . This happens not just with me but with each one of us . One must learn to laugh at oneself else others would do :) Laughter is supposed to bridge gaps between people. There is an yiddish proerb which says that as what soap is to body we have laughter to soul! So we must continue laughing and smiling for a very sweet and brighter day. no days ahead!
Always remember to be happy because you never know who's falling in love with your smile.;)
So keep smiling :)
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