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Never worry over a spilt milk !

I didnt know what to do when i heard that i am to get my results soon .... well was waiting anxiously for that result.. well was wanting to write what was really going on in mind and so with other fellow classmates exactly :) but then was this blog ban . So now am back .. a lil better and rather .. very much out of tension .. :) ya all results are out and everyone has fared well. But then it will also be a time when we always see something unexpected . ... But seeing all that we learn one thing . Now actually am using this now cos i saw a statement written by my very good friend .. Dont worry .. now its of no use !Yes how very true .. we keep worrying about what cant be done! It is most important in life that we dont think about what has happened and weep but then think and decide on what is to be done in the future.
Life is like a great game where in we shouldnt keep thinking about what mistakes that we have done in the previous games. Now we need to …
Prayer- a communion with the inner self

Prayer is a communion with GOD ..... the Almighty ! It is that wagon that takes one individual to the doorsteps of the LORD ...When we pray we forget everything ,we forget the self , the existence sees a purpose. This prayer i am talking of is not the one where we pray as a Human being .. but we pray as part from GOD . Prayer is divine. When we pray we sense a atmosphere of bliss and love that we can even forget everything and feel ourselves in an world of different kind. Prayer doesnt mean some talk or communictaion with GOD ... It is a power that which we can feel when we pray . It instigates a strong power or wave of Positive attitude that can help us even move mountains :) ! It is a source wherein we draw energy that trains our mind to think better and give the best !Such is the power of prayer so kleep praying .. commmunicate with ur inner self !
Making world a better place - just do it with a smile :)

Smile is a curve that sets things right!It is a universal language.It is the same for every nation, creed , language , religion whatever be it . A day which i start with a smile ( i can call as a million dollar smile) really reaps in lot more than those dollars for me ! I should say it will be the same for each one of us . This smile a small curve just takes 14 muscles whereas if we wear a frown it will use about 72 muscles ..... So it is scientifically proved that if we frown we grow old very soon.It is said Smile confuses an approaching frown! Smile does bring back all that is sweet cherishable memories within us. It is that emotion that is really contagious .. So pls keep smiling ! :) Life takes us through many roads where we get to meet many people in short period of time but we remember only a few people and if we just think about them we can see all of them carry a trade mark smile on their face!Smile makes us forget enim…
Friendship ... a special bond that lasts forever.

I really dont know why i want to write this here today .It is about one of the very special relationship that we as an individual cherish..... it is the Friendship . Friendship is a feeling which can be felt by each one of us .. irrespective of whether we are rich or poor or educated or not. Its that special relation we will cherish and love to carry on with us forever . We know that people say "Show me the company a person keeps and i will tell what kind of person he is "!Friendship blooms on some special occassion .It is a bond that is made of or developed of LOVE ,TRUST, FAITH, and that which is unconditional .... I remmeber once inmy schooldays i happened to make a rhyming wording on friendship saying that ... Friendship has wings and it makes us sing.. Friends can have black money.. but friendship is a harmony ! very true ... It is this feeling that makes people grow; needless to say it is the sa…
The Bridge

I found a bridge between two banks,
Through which the people moved about
The bridge was build on sand and stones
But never did it shake about !
This made my thoughts drift away ....
Why not men build bridges with love and trust
That would never be shattered away;
So as to live this life a gay, which
would shower only happiness.

Then would the Lord come to stay
The angels to shower flowers
That bliss would return back on earth
which was there when the Lords lived on earth.
The flowers would keep smiling all day.
with the birds that sing happy songs,
The wind too whispers in our ears
very softly a sweet song of peace and love.
Tis' the day that brings in love with hatred gone away
Tis'the day that would bring in trust with distrust washed away ,
Men would embrace each other with nothing to pull them apart
So that the name of caste and creed be thrown down to hell again
with the return of paradise on earth
So that i can sing a lovely song along with the…
The blood thirsty fanatics or the so called freedom fighters!

Watching the people lying on the death beds and some stil there with all the blood on their body and clothes , the reporters running here and there and with the rain Gods showing their wrath at the same moment it was a total chaos .. watching all this on the Idiot box ,seated cosily at Chennai .. it did make me feel really bad.... What is happening it was just in the morning that i heard about the Srinagar blast and this was really a shocking news when i heard this news on air. The Pictures that were telecasted on the news channels were really so horrible that i was not able to understand the real "mastak" of these terrorists ... On one side Pardaise is burning .. so called state of peace and beauty the Kashmir ! and on the other side the great state of India Maharashtra the state of the Veer Shivaji... What is happening in our country ??? are nt there anybody who can put a stop for all this ? Who is to …
Hello All! I am back!

Well, so first of all let me tell a big SORRY to all, those who missed me, as in missed my scribblings ! Haha.... Anyways, I was on a long gap with all my exams and my internship work that I was on, as a part of my course. My work with FORD India, took a lot of time and I have not really had enough to spend on writing. The office, which is in Chengalpet, is very far off and those who know the distance between Chennai and Chengalpet will know how arduous it is to shuttle back and forth from one end to the other. I did not work with my 'darling' machine unless it was for the project reports. I am really sorry for this long back, and now that the internship is over, I will be back soon again. So, see yeah!
My 1st and the last days / at FORD .......

I was only tooooo excited to join one of the top MNCs here at chennai and that too for a period of one month a few weeks .. so the 1st day i went and joined that big company .. i was actually shivering ! hmm then thinking and praying to all Gods and then went on with the 1st assigment of knowing the project that i was to do .. and thats all that whole day i was chairless .. and vetti decentaa sollanumnaa summa okkandhen hahha ,, then after that everyday bus journey till FORD and then evening returns .. was good and also the food was kinda good ..w e had the breakfast and also the lunch there .. aaana enna problem .. i started "accumulating a lil bit of fat in my body ";) haha ... so anyways i was a kinda njoying my stay .. learning is a life long process that never ends .. it starts the time we fall on thios earth .. and goes on till we sleep our last sleep ... so in that way this summer internship was more a kind of l…