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An Advice 4 Life...

I happened to read a small poem that was really very beautiful and got a copy of it.Though i dont remember where exactly did i read that i have a vague memory that i happened toland up reading this in "Wisdom" magazine (am really sorry that idont remember the exact edition of the magazine) .True to its name this poem taken from the book was a real wisdom.. to hone our wisdom:) Advice is aone thing every one hates to hear .. SO think about now the panes, windows and all such non living things advicing you.. What advice will they give us ???
here we go

"Tell me how to get on in life ",said the kettle
"Take panes",said the Window
"Never be led",said the pencil
"Do a driving business",said the hammer
"Aspire great things",said the nutmeg grater
"Make light of everything ",said the fire
"Never do any thing off-hand",said the glove
"Make much of small things ",said the microscope
"Try to make good impression",said the sealing wax
"Do the work we are suited for",said the chimney
"Find a good thing and stick to it" said the glue
"Be sharp",said the knife
"Reflect" ,said the mirror

This is that poem that was really "Reflecting" to us that even the smallest and the meanest creature /substance (well no one is mean) will be conveying a lot of ideas and also rules that can make life a better one.
Well hope it was a nice and lucid one to be shared.So any ways pls do read and post ur comments that are inevitable since i feel i have a long way to go reading and learning from what others(world )have to say .. (all good things)

I hope that we get to learn , relearn and unlearn in this learning process called life !

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