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Day 365: The Last one

When I started this 365-day blogging challenge,  my goal was to end it around April-May of 2016 so as to commemorate the 10th anniversary of my blog, which was on 17th April 2016. However, due to many personal issues and hurdles, I couldn't complete it last year. Instead, it ends today.

When I began my blogging journey in 2006, it was in a nascent stage in India. The blog culture was just catching up. I was not that good at writing and was actually stuck in a box to even choose the blog title or name. This space has helped me reflect on my own strengths and weaknesses. I have found friends in strangers and writing has helped me find myself. I am surprised at myself to see a 10-year-old blog and since I hadn't accomplished as much as I wanted during these many years, I decided to do this 365-day challenge to test my own strength.

If I were to rate myself in the past one year or more, I would not call myself that successful. I have taken many a number of breaks during this writ…
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Day 364: Fighting the fear (for the lack of a better title)

Before I wrap up with the last post tomorrow, here is a poem that I wrote a few days ago. Hope y'all like it.

I'm scared to fall down once more,  To seek a favor and to be denied,  To fight a battle and lose and hide.  To let go of the ones who were never there,  And find new friends from elsewhere.  To let go of the reigns of an old warm dream,  And to weave a magical one with a gleam. 
To climb a tree without the fear of falling down,  To do a ballet smiling and happy in a pink gown.  To walk out alone without hair raising up,  And bring home that dear homeless pup.  To laugh out loud as others watch me bare,  To dress up and hop to parties and fair. 
I tell myself to be not terrified,  To try out these wonderful things in a stride, And smile as I caress the flowers by the wayside. 
© Copyright Meena Arvind 2017

Day 363: Sketchy Me: Ganesha, the ever giving one

Simple lines to create the ever giving and ever happy Ganesha. Inspiration from a sketch I saw online. Used the paint tool to digitally color on the side.

Day 362: Sketchy Me: Eternal lover

Again the Prisma app magic on a simple abstract color pencil fiasco of Krishna, my eternal lover.

Day 361: Sketchy Me: Floral pattern

Not the best but this is again a random doodle inspired by our coaster. It looks better with the Prisma edit!

Day 360: Sketchy Me: Cutesy Foxy !

Day 359: Sketchy Me: Common Man

The next few posts will showcase some time pass sketches from my drawing note. These are done by color pencils and usually without much time in hand. For a few, I have used the Prisma app to give some definition and better look for the simple images. 
The first one is a dedication to the brilliant R.K. Laxman. Here is a common man's rough sketch! 
Real good artists: Please pardon me!